Terms and conditions

The service is made available to you by Cryptotrader ("", "bot", "we", "us" or "our") through the website located at To provide a "fair go" at and an excellent experience with Cryptotrader, we created these terms, rules, and conditions.

1. Cryptotrader is not responsible in cases of technical problems on exchanges, theft of funds from exchanges, blocking of accounts on exchanges, incorrect operation of API exchanges, bankruptcies of exchanges, erroneous actions of users, as well as strong and long changes in prices on exchanges.

2. The service is provided on an "as is" basis. Cryptotrader does not guarantee a certain rate of return when using the service. The bot's performance is determined by many factors, such as volatility on exchanges, trading volume, several indicators and liquidity on exchanges, as well as bot settings. All service settings are available to the user. Each of the settings is detailed in the Knowledge base. The user makes decisions about the settings independently and is responsible for losses in cases of incorrect or aggressive trading settings.

3. We do not store or accept user funds, and we do not make any payments (except for payments under the referral program and from sales in the marketplace). All funds are stored in user accounts on exchanges. Cryptotrader does not have access to withdraw funds from user accounts on exchanges. The user and the respective exchanges are responsible for the safety of funds on the accounts of the exchanges. Cryptotrader operates with user funds for placing orders on exchanges through the API interface.

4. The user of our service can have only one Cryptotrader account. It is forbidden to register multiple accounts. If for some reason several accounts are needed, then the user should contact the support service. It is forbidden to trade in different Cryptotrader accounts using the same account on the cryptocurrency exchange - this will be considered as having multiple accounts for the user. Accounts with identified violations will be blocked.

5. Simultaneously logging in to different Cryptotrader accounts that are linked by the referral program is prohibited and may lead to the exclusion of these accounts from the referral program.

6. When the user contacts the support service about the appointment of a new or change of the old referral connection, a reduced referral percentage of 10% will be applied. It is forbidden to register new accounts to bypass this rule. Accounts with identified violations will be blocked and their funds frozen.

7. The user of our service agrees that if he violates any condition or rule of this User Agreement, their account will be closed. Cryptotrader is not responsible for information about our service presented on other sites except

Service payment.

8. All prices, discounts and promofions posted on the Software are subject to change without notice. The price charged for the Subscription selected by you will be the price advertised on the Software at the time the order is placed, subject to Purchase Agreement and the terms of any promofions or discounts, your geographical location or residence, and chosen payment method. You will be charged the price advertised at the time you placed an offer to conclude the Purchase Agreement.

Bots work in simulation mode:

9. The operation of bots in simulation mode can and will differ from the operation of a real bot, since the simulation is carried out on past prices and is just an example of how the bot would have worked in that period of time in the past. In addition, the moment the bot starts is important, and some settings on the bot's delays are also not applied in the simulation.

10. Cryptotrader provides uptime on its servers on the Internet 24 hours a day. The user does not need to install any software on his computer to use the service.

11. Cryptotrader reserves the right to make changes, additions and adjustments to this Terms of Service without prior notice.