Fully automated crypto trading bots

24/7 completely automated trading. Free yourself from concentrating on the volatile market and make money while you sleep.

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Earn Money 24/7

Earn Passive Income 24/7. Withdraw Your Profits Anytime. Your money stays in your crypto exchange at all time.

Designed For Profit

Intelligent algorithms help to respond to any market condition, so your profits go up even when the market is down.

Cloud Based

Let our bots do the trading for you. Just sit back and relax while the bots do the hard work!

Easy to use!

Easy-to-use, cloud based software with zero learning curve. You can get started right away.

Profit from every market movement with crypto trading bots

Cryptotrader Bot is a great ally in a fluctuating market - when the price moves the algorithm will automatically set Buy and Sell orders when it finds a best opportunity to make a profit.

Connect your exchanges and simply let the system do the hard work. Our cloud-based Bots are very easy and safe to use. Just add the API credentials and you are ready to go.

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Our Trading Bots

Sophisticated trading made simple, choose from pre-built bot-strategies, customize, and go live in minutes.

We have wide selection of different types of bots that suit different market conditions.

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Top Performing Bots

Cryptotrader makes crypto trading easy with more consistent results thanks to its pre-programmed, tested strategies and the smart AI that does all the trades for you.

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automated crypto trading bot's cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum make money

Your Money Is Yours!
Cryptotrader never touches your assets.

Only you have access to your funds – securely held at the exchange and connected by API keys, Cryptotrader does not have any access to your money.

API enables the platform to only execute trades and build your portfolio. The API has been designed with security in mind, all information is kept entirely confidentially.

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Select from predefined bot-strategies, tweak settings and go Live. Our bots are very easy to use. You only need to define the exchange you want to use and the balance you want to allocate to the bot.
cloud based cryptocurrency trading bot

No downloads needed

With cloud-based online service the platform is always up-to-date.

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Select from our bot's with build in algorithms, all based on successful real money results. You do not have to watch the price movement of each coin pair 24/7 as our system will do it on your behalf.

cloud based cryptocurrency trading bot binance bitcoin ethereum

Safe & secure

Keep your crypto on your favorite exchange. Cryptotrader never touches your assets and you have access to your funds at all times.

Supported Exchanges

Integrated with Binance, OKX, Kucoin, Huobi and more.